Attendee Profile


Personnel from U.S. Military Commands, DoD Labs, and Industry involved in facilitating network capabilities by delivering enhanced C4ISR and information dominance to the current and future Warfighter with titles such as:

Principal Communications Engineer Senior Network Engineer
Wireless Network Engineer
Principal Systems Engineer Space Systems
PM Tactical Radios
Development System Engineer
Software Engineer
Engineering Scientist
Chief Tactical Communications Systems Branch Command and Control Division Tactical SIGINT Architecture Team
Principal Cyber Security Engineer
Senior Systems Architect
Senior Communications Architect
Senior Technical Fellow
Systems Army Business Development
DoD Senior Architect
Project Lead JC4PC
PM – Resilient Tactical Communications and Networks
Senior Tactical Communications Engineer
Tactical Radio Specialist

Acquisition Program Analyst – Airborne Tactical Communication

JIE Tactical Communications Engineer

Senior Electronics and Communications Specialist

Network Engineer

Network Administrator